Radiography of European football: the best wingers so far this season

first_imgAleksander Kolarov – RomeAt 34, the Serbian left-footer continues to give many joys in the Italian capital. With six goals and five assists, he is one of the players who participates in the most goals for Roma. His great offensive performance, averaging 1.9 shots and 1.8 key passes per game, make him remain indisputable in the Roman defense. With 8 million market value, He is the fourth most valuable player of his generation, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric and Fernandinho.. Alejandro GrimaldoThe winger from La Masía has been scratching at a high level at Benfica for years and his value does not stop growing, standing at 38 million euros today. His defensive reliability, averaging 2.1 innings per game, and his great offensive contribution, with an average of two key passes per game and eight assists between all competitions, make him one of the sides that several great Europeans want. The Brazilian is a left back with a clear offensive vocation. Although it has a good performance in the defensive section, it is in attack where it stands out the most. His 1.2 shots per game show that he is a footballer with arrival. Despite not being one of the footballers who most intervenes in the possessions of his team (averages 36.3 passes per game), It is usually decisive above, since it gives 2.1 key passes per game. His high level this season has made some of the great teams in Europe interested in him.Alphonso Davies – Bayern MunichDavies’s appearance at Bayern Munich is quite reminiscent of the one his teammate David Alaba once starred in. Despite his young age (he turned 19 in November), he has become one of the most striking players in the Bavarian outfit. He started the season as a substitute, but since Kovac gave him his first start against the Berlin Union on October 26, the Canadian has started in every Bayern game. His statistics, both in defense, where he averages 1.9 innings per game, and in attack, where he has an average of 2.4 dribbles, 1.3 shots and 1.2 key passes per game, they give a good example of the great performance he is giving at Borussia Dortmund and that has made him one of the club’s sensations. As a consequence of all this, its market value has doubled in just a few months, going from 30 million euros in summer to 60 million today.Ricardo Pereira – LeicesterLeicester is one of the Premier League’s biggest surprises, and many of its players have had a great evolution so far this season. One of them is his right side, Ricardo Pereira, who has become the player with the most successful innings per game in the five major European leagues, with 4.3. In addition, it adds 1.8 interceptions and 2.6 punts per game. With two goals and seven assists between all competitions, he has participated in fewer than his teammate, but he is still a fundamental part of Klopp’s scheme. With 67.6 passes per game and 1.5 key passes, he becomes another of Liverpool’s great ball weapons. The breadth and travel that both sides bring to their team means that their attackers can appear more inside and take advantage of the dangerous actions that are created outside thanks to them.Theo Hernández – MilanAlthough it seemed that Theo Hernández’s progression in Alavés had been lost in recent years, the arrival of the side to a sleeping giant as Milan has made him re-emerge. With six goals and two assists, the little Hernández has become one of the sensations of the season in Serie A. Liverpool winger has a prodigious right leg. Klopp put him in command of set pieces and since then he has been swollen to give assists. He averages 68.5 passes per game and successfully performs 4.9 long passes in each encounter, which is a good example of the quality he has in his right hand.It is one of Liverpool’s most important offensive weapons. It usually has a lot of presence in the last third of the field, being also decisive in each climb, with an average of 2.6 key passes per game (the last pass that leads to a shot by a partner). With an increase of 30 million euros this course, English is the most valuable defense on the planet, with 110 million, according to the prestigious Transfermarkt portal. There are only 10 players with the highest market value in the world. And he is 21 years old.Álex Telles – PortoThe Porto player is another of the wingers who have grown the most this season. With 10 goals and 9 assists between all competitions, He has become the footballer who has participated in the most goals for his team among all those who share demarcation with him.. Six of those ten goals are due to the fact that he is in charge of shooting penalties, which has made him the top scorer of his team in the league. Trent-Alexander Arnold – LiverpoolThe best lateral player in the world and one of the players with the greatest projection. His 14 assists make him one of the top assistants of the 5 major leagues. Over the past three seasons, with the invaluable help of Jürgen Klopp, the Englishman has experienced one of the biggest evolutions in European football. In his record he already has a Champions League, a European Super Cup and a Club World Cup, to which, surely, will add the Premier League this season. With a goal and seven assists, he has become a cornerstone of Bayern, both for Kovac and Flick. He is an aggressive footballer in defense (averages 2.3 innings per game) and very incisive in attack, making up to three dribbles and giving 1.3 key passes per game. His irruption has displaced Alaba to the center of defense and has left without minutes an entire world champion such as Lucas Hernández.. Although in summer its value was 10 million euros, the 50 million in which its current appraisal is established seem few for one of the biggest surprises of the season.Andrew Robertson – LiverpoolArnold’s spectacular performance on the right-hand side of Liverpool’s defense has overshadowed, in a way, the other great side that the ‘reds’ have in the opposite sector of the field. Definitely, Robertson is one of the best left backs in the world, being the most valuable according to Transfermarkt, with a value of 80 million euros. The former madridista has found his best version in attack again, which is where he shone in his time in Vitoria and what made him sign for Real Madrid. With 1.5 shots and 2 dribbles per game, he surprises that he accumulates 82.7% of success in his passes, confirming his growth with the ball this season. It has gone from a value of 15 million euros in summer to be valued at 40 today, and Deschamps already thinks of him for the French National Team.Achraf Hakimi – Borussia DortmundThe Moroccan is so low on the list is because he has not always played as a winger. In fact, he has played quite a few games as a winger. However, its growth and versatility make it necessary to include it in this classification. With seven goals and ten assists between all competitions, his season is making the idea of ​​including him in the Madrid squad for next season be contemplated in the offices of the Santiago Bernabéu. But not only its defensive performance stands out, since it is also important in attack. At the moment, he has four goals and three assists, performs 2.1 dribbles on average and gives 1 key pass per game. Its value has gone from 25 million to 40 in just a few months, but its progression has been stopped in its tracks, since the cruciate ligament was torn in the last game against Aston Villa.Renan Lodi – Atlético de MadridThe Brazilian left back has been one of the great sensations in a rather discreet season for Atlético de Madrid. Despite the fact that his numbers in terms of scoring participation are far from the rest of the wingers with whom he shares this list, his influence on the game of mattresses has made him indisputable for Cholo. He arrived with the difficult task of replacing Filipe Luis, a true red-and-white legend and, for the moment, he is more than fulfilling. Its market value is one of the most multiplied, going from 4 million euros in summer to 35 today. Other laterals, such as Robin gosens (Atalanta) with 8 goals and 5 assists, Philipp Max (Augsburg) with 7 goals and 5 assists), Cristian Ansaldi (Torino) with 5 goals and 6 assists, or Danny da Costa (Eintracht Frankfurt) with 3 goals and 8 assists, are other of the wingers who are having a great performance in their respective teams.last_img

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