Qinghai TV live coverage of the fourth stage of the competition

In July 8th, Qinghai satellite TV broadcast of the Qinghai Lake Lake Race to Gangcha stage of the game, sitting in front of the television audience can watch the wonderful game. The first broadcast in China live long distance cycling race first stage.

July 8th, Gangcha County town of the sibun stage end point LED outdoor broadcast car, is playing the Qinghai TV broadcast of the Lake Race picture, expert commentary, clear picture, attract the presence of a lot of people standing in front of live spectators. The live broadcast, allowing viewers to see more clearly the grand event around the lake.

when the team arrived, two helicopters in the air caused a great deal of interest to the audience. According to the Qinghai satellite TV broadcast technology director Li Xiaoning, Lake Race in 14 years, Qinghai satellite TV broadcast many attempts, initially in CCTV’s help, the first lake tournament opening ceremony live, then ten, they were broadcast on the part of the criterium, but are broadcast intermittently. July 8th, Qinghai satellite TV finally achieved a long live broadcast. Li Xiaoning proudly said: today, we finally realized the dream of several generations of television broadcast to the audience to show the three-dimensional Lake Race, but also to show the world the great beauty of Qinghai and the beautiful scenery around the lake. Qinghai satellite TV became the first TV station to broadcast a long distance bicycle race in china."

Li Xiaoning said, this broadcast is completed jointly by Qinghai TV and Beijing Runwe video Polytron Technologies Inc. Beijing Runwe video Polytron Technologies Inc to provide technical support, Qinghai TV broadcast of the more than and 100 people responsible for shooting, editing, production etc.. The live use two helicopters, one as a signal relay, the one responsible for the shooting, also with two transmission mobile communication for mobile signal, 5 motorcycles for follow and 4 fixed-point shooting machine. He told reporters, before the broadcast, high altitude, complex terrain and weather, are difficult to overcome in the course of the live, because no experience, we are not at the end of the heart, a lot of pressure. "City criterium broadcast live long stage, the technical difficulty is much larger, simply can not be compared." Li Xiaoning said.

let everyone happy that the day of the special success of the broadcast, many viewers sitting at home will be able to see the event on tv. Li Xiaoning said, the live success with organized race around the lake are inseparable, it is with the lake race, they will continue to try to live, and breakthrough, Qinghai TV broadcast the ability to walk in the forefront of the national counterparts. He also hoped that in their efforts, one day, like the tour de France, like the tour de France, to achieve full live.


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