Under heavy pollution to make the sky more clear blue water

years out of the yellow car 16 thousand to complete the transformation of more than 1 thousand and 100 tons of coal to gas – deadline governance of the 44 sewage companies

"to deepen the air pollution, let the Huangshui River water quality has leapt to a new level, this year our province will be in the environmental remediation efforts in the elimination of yellow cars 16 thousand, more than 1 thousand and 100 tons of steam coal to gas, speeding up the city of Xining and Haidong Huzhu and Minhe town gas station oil and gas recovery, deepen governance industrial pollution sources, the implementation of the deadline governance 44 air pollution emission enterprises. This reporter learned from the provincial environmental conference in January 25th.

enterprises to achieve emission reduction double limit

in order to deepen the atmosphere and comprehensive pollution Huangshui River governance, this year our province will continue to consolidate and improve the provinces linkage, regional defense, grid management, supervision and assessment and accountability mechanisms, the implementation of thermal power plant coal limit, limit emissions "double limit control measures, optimization of Xining sea, East alloy industrial layout, focus on regional industry gradually in thermal power, steel, cement, nonferrous metals, chemical industry and coal-fired boiler emission limit implementation.

along the Huangshui enterprises to upgrade

in the Huangshui River pollution control, to ensure the total elimination of two river water quality worse than grade V, the main control section to achieve the annual stable water function zoning, to determine the deadline of 16 major wastewater discharge enterprises, completed during the year of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Upgrading construction, implementation of integrated wastewater discharge standard or industry emission standards standard.

enhance the sewage treatment capacity

increase the existing sewage treatment plant expansion and reconstruction efforts, and strive to Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, mutual assistance, peace, and the sewage treatment plant expansion and reconstruction in the Gan River Industrial Park, Ping An county sewage reuse project of reclaimed water treatment plant completed during the year, Xining started construction of two sewage and Ledu sewage treatment plant relocation expansion. Standard project. At the same time to speed up the implementation of the West Ninghai Lake Bridge to unity bridge culvert culvert project and fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant sewage pipe network and other construction projects.

19 pollution sources are monitored by

accelerate the North Lake, Tang Ning, Huadian thermal power units and 5 cement enterprises in Golmud promote denitration facilities. Increase the intensity of the yellow car out of the country to accelerate the completion of the national standard diesel products and ensure that the end of the year in place. Strengthen the management of emission reduction, 19 key pollution sources will be added this year into the automatic monitoring and management, 13 involving gas enterprises into video monitoring, supervision over the pollution automatic monitoring data transmission efficiency of more than 80%, with industrial upgrading to promote pollution reduction, ensure that the year four major pollutants emission control within the state issued targets.



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