Xining industrial and commercial poultry market

for the prevention and control of H7N9 avian influenza epidemic, recently, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce held a special meeting to arrange the deployment of poultry market supervision and management in Xining.

Xining will strengthen market inspections, to live poultry trafficking, focusing on the sale, inspection business qualifications and quarantine certificates and other related procedures, and cooperate with business departments to temporarily shut down the farmers market trading of live poultry slaughter establishments and field. The thorough investigation of poultry sales business qualification, to investigate banning unlicensed and beyond the scope of business and other illegal activities.

at the same time, will strictly review the poultry commodity inspection and quarantine and other relevant evidence, in accordance with the requirements of the cable card, check the source of goods, to prevent the epidemic of poultry products into the Xining market. At the same time, supervise and manage the operators to do a good job of disinfection and cleaning of premises and harmless disposal of waste, to ensure clean and healthy environment. In addition, the business sector in Xining will pay close attention to market dynamics, to prevent the sale of goods by the name of the epidemic or the emergence of panic buying, causing panic. (author: Wu Yachun)

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