The next three days Xining will usher in a high temperature of 24 degrees Celsius

day, I, the temperature continued to rise, the city’s streets and parks everywhere a Spring is in the air. scene, but not many days to continuous rainfall make dry climate anomalies, more patients with respiratory diseases. Reporters learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory on April 14th, 17, the city’s highest temperature will reach 24 degrees C.

reporter recently learned from the city’s major hospitals and pharmacies, patients with respiratory diseases continue to increase, mainly due to the city in recent days no precipitation, air drying abnormalities. But according to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued the news, the next three days the city is still no precipitation, mainly in sunny or cloudy, the temperature will continue to rise, the lowest temperature from minus to zero, and the highest temperature will reach 24 degrees Celsius in summer and. But sooner or later, the temperature difference is still very large, the public should pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothing travel. (author: Kim and

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