Qinghai Provincial People’s government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tianj

8 1, the Qinghai Provincial People’s government and Tianjin University strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in Xining, vice governor Cheng Lihua and party secretary of Tianjin University, respectively, on behalf of the two sides signed an agreement on behalf of the.

Cheng Lihua of Tianjin University for the development of higher education in our province has long been the concern and support expressed gratitude, she pointed out that since 2012 the Tianjin University signed a targeted aid agreement with Qinghai National University, Tianjin University in the discipline construction, school management and other aspects to give Qinghai Nationalities University support, greatly promoted the development of Qinghai National University the. The signing of the cooperation agreement, will promote exchanges and cooperation between the various levels and in various fields, have an important impact on innovation driven and industrial upgrading in our province and talent training, play a positive role, realize the complementary advantages, resource sharing, common development, mutual benefit and win-win. Liu Jianping briefly introduced the situation of Tianjin University, and further improve the long-term cooperation mechanism of multi-channel, multi-faceted, new ways and new mode of cooperation docking, deepen exchanges and cooperation in various fields between the two sides.


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