Xining 20 thousand and 150 news stand out

Have more sense of happiness;

10.9%! GDP growth rate higher than the national;

let people benefit bonus reform;

"outer ring network initially formed;


in the past year, the development of Xining great racing news highlights. After more than 6000 times the number of people voted and the jury repeatedly review, the people in the superposition of one vote, in the people’s enthusiasm and the hope of weaving, the 2015 annual Xining news, the final release. The selection of the news related to economic and social development, reform dividend Huimin, people’s livelihood and well-being, civilization and other aspects of the creation of the city, focusing on the past year, the city’s achievements and highlights.The people’s livelihood news

has more gain a sense of well-being, the news in Xining "Ten News" list. Mr Li said in the letter, this year, the municipal government for the masses on traffic, prices, environmental protection, medical care, housing, income, education, social security, justice and safety problems in the construction field and carry out the work, each task is realized as a specific measure, let people feel and get a sense of happiness have more beautiful life! 2015, Xining’s largest, best, the most beautiful news too numerous to mention, as a Xining people are very happy, very excited, very proud.

is a new change to the 2015 annual Xining showcase new achievements in economic and social undertakings achieved in urban and rural areas and the livelihood of the people, the people of all ethnic groups to further strengthen the construction of "happy Xining" confidence and determination, deepening the reform to create public opinion atmosphere. At the beginning of 2016, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department hosted the 2015 annual Xining city "Ten News contest fiery curtain, invite all the people together, and in 2015 the city’s work achievement inventory back.

selection activities, the organizers always adhere to the "encourage the participation of the whole society, to create a harmonious atmosphere, the basic principles for the people the full right to speak". Through this new platform, fully display the municipal government the people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood, and for people to do;

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