Xining three rural renewable resources recycling site put into operation

in order to improve the rural village, Xining City, protect the environment, reduce the spread of disease, improve the physical and mental health of farmers, all kinds of waste materials timely recovery of farmers living in the production, to the rational development and utilization, realize the construction of resource saving and environment society goal, in 2011, the municipal government will continue to support the supply and marketing cooperatives in Xining city in 6 the new rural village comprehensive service center on the basis of the construction, to further increase the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives development support. In 2011, the city government issued 200 thousand yuan of special funds for Datong County Dahua Town, Huangyuan County Beach Pool Xia Ying Cun Han Cun, Huangzhong County town of Gan Liang Jiao Xiang Shi Zhuang Cun three renewable resource recycling site hardware construction and personnel training.


and earnestly implement the careful organization of more than three months, in late September, Hua Zhen Xia Ying Cun, Huangyuan County pool resources development limited liability company implementation of Huangzhong Ganhetan Town, Xining City Han Cun regeneration from Datong County Liang Jiao Xiang Shi Zhuang Cun three recycling outlets construction completed, officially put into operation.

Since the operation of

, the three sites are coming and going, the farmer brothers nodded, praised the municipal government and the Municipal Finance Bureau has done something for the farmers.

Regeneration of

Xining city resources development limited company through the construction of rural renewable resource recycling network, the realization of the construction of the recycling network from the outskirts of the city to the three county rural the gradual extension of the renewable resource recycling network system is becoming more and more perfect.


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