Three days after the beginning of autumn ushered in the cool weather

10:30 on August 7th 32 seconds of autumn. The next three days, the city mainly cloudy, the lowest temperature of 14 degrees, the maximum temperature of 26 degrees.

it is understood that the next three days, the city will be overcast to turn showers and rain overcast weather. Among them, three counties have thunderstorms weather, the temperature dropped vertically, a minimum of 13 degrees, the highest degree of 23 degrees.

weather experts reminded the public, although the time after the beginning of autumn and summer heat Nan Xiao, "autumn" fall out, but the general trend is the weather gradually cool, the temperature difference between day and night change, travel to keep warm.

in addition, the frost will occur in the mountain area, should pay attention to the protection of some of the crops are still affected by the frost, with scientific methods to make crops grow healthy.


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