To celebrate the eighteen harmonious community

: a reader sent calligraphy "harmonious" praise the city newspaper

activities at the scene, the Taining community residents Cao Shurong old man holding a paper to move to the venue. "The master wants to show us two hands, this time you have to give me a good copy." Residents Zhang Shengmin come together, took the hands of the father of the blanket shop on the table, and to help Cao Shurong shop good paper.

father took out a brush, dipped in ink, I have to give the West Sea metropolis newspaper to send a small gift." He thought for a while and said, "harmonious community, I will write ‘harmony’ two words." Cao Shurong brush effectively falls down on the rice paper, ink halo, "harmony" two words, with a brush between father landing. Father picked up the written word, gave the newspaper deputy editor Dong Weiliang.

said the 72 year old Cao Shurong, he has a lot of fans in Taining community, many people will come to seek the word. "I have been practicing calligraphy for 60 years." For the master, two or three hours a day of calligraphy, is an integral part of life. "Harmonious community" in the party’s top eighteen, it is a good thing." He said, the community is the cell of a city, is an important part of the whole society, constructing the harmonious community, to create a warm home, plays an irreplaceable role in building a harmonious society "," harmonious community "activities held at this time, it is meaningful."

sent to health: drink less healthy

"A little more healthy drink

!" In the event, this sentence has become the mantra of many residents. In order to give the residents sent to health, let residents know healthy drinking wine knowledge, Chinese doubts for the residents at the scene to answer.

"this wine is good, I have to buy more." Residents Chen Zhibang said money to buy. "Drink drink less and more healthy, we don’t agree with you to take so much, suggest you drink a little more beneficial to the body." Staff began to introduce the health benefits of wine, and suggested that Chen Zhibang buy a bottle of home slowly drink. "To celebrate the eighteen · harmonious community" activities is really good." The licensing company responsible person director Hu said, "China Chinese wine brand", A Well-Known Trademark in China, as the first brand of China health wine industry, is also very willing to pay attention to people’s livelihood, and the social responsibility of the media in a real thing to do is popular, warm hearts. The director Hu saw in the newspaper held a harmonious community line activities, they will join the staff, hoping to bring health to community residents.

director Hu said, Jin Shu by has the effect of promoting blood circulation, very suitable for the elderly to drink, "as a national well-known enterprises, we are willing to work with the west city newspaper together, put into healthy people."

recommendations: the elderly diet to light

activities at the scene, Amway volunteers before the physical examination instrument, attracting a large number of residents, their hands holding a single row of physical examination queue, the elderly are more concerned about;

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