Wang Xiaoqing in Xining Datong County stressed the importance of economic development in the county

10 17, deputy secretary of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, vice chairman Wang Xiaoqing went to Datong County, Xining, the Yellow River small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base and the construction of Beichuan SME park.

Wang Xiaoqing has walked into the park 6 companies, to see the production line, ask the business situation, ask questions, then support good policy. He detailed understanding of small and medium-sized enterprises to build a platform, project planning, development direction, stressed that the construction of the park for the cultivation of entrepreneurs, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, efficient use, radiation plays an important role in the development of county economy. We must do a good job planning and layout of the park, the scientific selection of projects, on the one hand the backbone of the enterprise, on the one hand Small and micro businesses, large enterprises, small enterprises of indomitable spirit to blossom, step by step growth zone economy; full of passion for the development of Small and micro businesses, not only to support small micro industrial enterprises, to Small and micro businesses to support small workshops small, commercial and other sectors; strengthening the project capacity, focus on technological innovation, improve production efficiency, extend the industrial chain, enhance the added value of production efficiency and products; seize the characteristic, do small fine, and gradually formed the characteristics of competitive advantage.

Wang Xiaoqing on the park self built plant, to business cited business, to reduce the cost of start-up enterprises, to clear the practice of market channels, that the practice of Datong is worth promoting. He said that employment is the people’s livelihood, entrepreneurship is the basic channel of employment, the economic development of the park is not only to the county, but also to enrich the people. Through the construction of the park, to promote entrepreneurship, create more jobs.


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