Xining cited the National Youth Awards

Xining evening news April 12th published in the "Xining" virtues of youth "award in recognition of activities" news (see April 12th "Xining Evening News" A12 version), caused by Chinese minor net,,, China daily, Qinghai news network, the network of educational equipment and other domestic media attention quickly. The media of newspaper reports have to be reproduced…… At the same time, the city’s primary and secondary schools have to act, the majority of teachers and students began looking around the virtues of youth ", the city’s districts and counties have also rushed to the masses involved, especially pay attention to the community, small children.

April 16th, reporters from seven in Xining, twelve in Xining, Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School, Kawa Ni campus, sumikawa primary school, primary school and other schools tiger Taiwan learned that now has to start school students, teachers find virtue of youth activities, some schools are in everyone to recommend a "virtue in mind youth activities, sumikawa primary school Rihangyishan, Thanksgiving Day, to become the virtues of youth" theme activities will start soon. In addition, the reporter also from Bayi Road, Chaoyang Street office learned that, at present Xining by virtue of youth Star Contest has Sung Kang East, Taining community and Jinxiu Jiangnan area residents, gold hot topic, the community began to meet after the hot house whose child is more sensible"…… It is reported that Xining by virtue of youth star selection range and the object is the city’s nine year compulsory education students, a "civilized star", "self-reliance star", "honest and trustworthy" star, "love dedication star", "respecting the pro star", "hot love labor star", "thrifty star", "Qinxue innovation star" 8 star, the public selection, jury selection, the 8 categories of the 20 candidates by virtue of youth, and then by the public vote, resulting in 8 categories of the 10 "80 virtues of youth" commend.

dear people friends, let you have touched the virtue of youth may have on your side, you will be in the eyes of the virtues of youth "recommended to us, let him (her) to become the city’s youth learning model. Recommendation: 1 e-mail to [email protected]; 2 would you recommend by virtue of youth and deeds of materials sent to the county where the Department of Education Office of the unified, submitted to the municipal judges by the County Department of education will.

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