Qinghai start the implementation of the industry to overcome poverty action plan

recently, reporters from the provincial poverty Alleviation Office learned that this year our province will focus on "four years of concentrated poverty, a year to consolidate the overall deployment of ascension", through the development of industry, by 2019, so that each have the ability to work with the poor rural households have 1 stable income characteristics of the industry, by 2020, achieve 130 thousand 399 thousand, through the development of industry all poor people out of poverty, and lay a solid foundation for the poor counties hat.

The development of

industry out of poverty is a group of "a group of eight" poverty alleviation action plan one of the scope of the project included 42 poor counties (city, District, commission), poor families 1622 poor villages, 130 thousand households filing cards have the ability to work and develop production intention, to 399 thousand of the poor. The choice in the industry relying on the province’s four areas of two line "regional development strategy and the" three area "of agriculture and animal husbandry development pattern, based on ten characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry industry, development of special breeding industry, agricultural and livestock products processing industry, rural tourism and service industry, cultural industry. Adhere to the people due to the classified policy, based on the advantages of resources in poor areas, suitable for farming, forestry, Yimuzemu should Zelin advised the supplier, should tour the tour, in support of poor villages and poor development of special industries, to achieve local poverty.

industrial layout is divided into the eastern region, the lake area and the southern part of Qinghai province. The eastern region will focus on supporting 9 counties (districts) of the 964 poor villages and 21.05 universal participatory labor ability of the poor, closely around the Yellow River, along the Huangshui River belt to create a walnut, cherry, raspberry fruit, vegetables, fruit and vegetable industry characteristics, speed up the plateau characteristics of germanium rich selenium industry development, development of agricultural products primary processing and logistics industry. Development of rural tourism based on ecological leisure park.


area will focus on support for 17 counties (city, Wei) 386 poor villages and 6.26 universal participatory labor ability poverty, development with Chinese wolfberry, vegetables, forage and Tibetan medicine in the main planting project, Tibetan sheep and yak breeding of ecological animal husbandry. In the south of Qinghai supported 16 counties in 272 poor villages and 12.58 universal participatory labor ability of the poor, based on the construction of ecological animal husbandry zone, focus on supporting the development of organic animal husbandry. The development of forage industry and breeding of fine varieties of yak and Tibetan sheep, at the same time, the depth of excavation of tourism resources, relying on the source of Sanjiang tourism resources to develop rural tourism.


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