West District CDC new office put into use

West District Center for Disease Control and prevention in May 29th held a new office building was completed and the relocation of the ceremony, which marks the central government for the tangible things of the new office building was officially put into use.

West District Center for Disease Control and prevention belongs to the West District People’s government, is responsible for the area of public health management and service of health professionals. It is understood that over the years the center for major infectious disease prevention and control, the area of health emergencies investigation, endemic disease prevention, chronic disease monitoring and intervention, public health and food hygiene inspection and make a due contribution. With the rapid development of western economy and society, people increasingly urgent need for public health service, the control center the original conditions and facilities can not meet the needs of the west area of prevention disease, but also restricts the development of public health in this area. In this regard, the west district government attaches great importance to the re siting, invested 6 million yuan, the newly built office building, building area government invested more than 300 yuan, the purchase of laboratory renovation and inspection equipment. Currently, the center has 2200 square meters of office space, a laboratory space of 800 square meters, the structure is more reasonable, more standardized, more complete functions. With the office conditions improve, significantly improve the ability of laboratory tests, the ability and level of service will significantly enhance the area for the economic construction and social development to provide the necessary public health service will be more comprehensive, more powerful.

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