To the actual effect of the masses point like

Xining city in the rectification work, to quickly focus on the masses of the most intense, the most impact on the lives of the public "resonance", ranging from not, Li Li line change, strive for the masses to create, livable, pleasant and appropriate medicine, appropriate business environment, to win the trust of the actual results, let the people point praise".

"Open House Road", to the masses to provide more convenient "appropriate" environment. In order to effectively alleviate the problem of traffic congestion, the city multi sectoral linkage, to take a variety of effective measures to facilitate the masses travel. Improve the road network, the construction of the convenience of the road; the old road upgrade, the transformation of the "problem"; strengthen counseling, to create a smooth path". Efforts to control prices, to provide people with a more comfortable living environment. According to the specific performance of the city’s rising prices and the underlying reasons, to further clarify the focus of the work, refinement of corrective measures, to move out of the pressure on the minds of the people. Remediation dirty and messy, to provide people with a more clean and pleasant environment. The city took the lead in the remediation of environmental problems. Pay attention to focus on remediation and improve the quality of the public. To resolve the difficulty of the doctor, to provide people with a more satisfactory medical environment. The realization of the basic drugs zero profit, coverage, basic drugs in basic medical institutions in the city’s zero rate were maintained at 100%; the implementation of drug catalogue, price public commitment to the system, in the private community health service institutions, the 100 basic drugs zero sales slip. To achieve the dream of employment, to provide the people with a more stable and appropriate industry environment. I Duocuobingju, good co-ordination of various groups of employment. The provision of public employment services, through the development of "employment assistance" and "spring action", "key projects, key enterprises and private enterprises recruitment Week activities, held various job fairs 40, providing 44 thousand jobs, the employment agreement signed more than 9000 people.  

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