Western instrumental music teaching children dream

How to optimize music teaching? This is the problem of music teachers. In order to solve this problem, the West District Education Department to undertake the "instrumental introduction classroom," Research on the optimization of music teaching level teaching and research topic, and actively organize the district schools on the topics of continuing in-depth study. In mid June, the subject of 7 years of research has finally been successful.According to the

in order to improve the teaching level of instrumental music, the west area increased year by year of the research investment, from the beginning of 60 thousand yuan increased to 260 thousand yuan now, for the purchase of instrumental and teacher training. In the past five years, the west area entered many music teachers in the field of learning all kinds of music teaching activities, and constantly improve the teaching level of teachers and teaching ideas. At the same time, the district belongs to the school of music teachers with music teaching materials, introduces students to the structure of the music and performance characteristics, through playing the familiar melody, the music teaching, thus forming a set of happy piano, group cooperation, relaxed new pattern of music open class, acting as one of the AC spectrum.  

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