Xining North standard 23 small tables around the school

to do comprehensive renovation of the campus surrounding environment, standardize the campus surrounding small table management, according to the Xining municipal government issued the "Xining small table registration management measures" requirements, north of the city of Xining district public health authority for the region surrounding the small school recently conducted a special supervision and inspection table.

is reported that the special inspection in order to food and beverage service license, practitioners health examination certificate, tableware disinfection, health focus on processing links, regulate the health management and management of small tables. A total of 23 small concentrated inspection around the campus dining table, through the inspection found that some new small table health legal consciousness, not for the catering service license, practitioners are not healthy; poor infrastructure, some small dining kitchen is the family kitchen area less than 8 square meters; most of the small table are equipped with tableware disinfection facilities that part is not used correctly. In response to these circumstances, health inspectors shall be ordered to rectification, rectification, administrative penalties, etc.. Up to now, the 23 small tables were checked for the relevant formalities documents, standardized operation, to protect the health of the students’ food safety. (author: 1)


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