Special invitation letter from Huangzhong Public Security Bureau


at the beginning of June, the Xining evening news reporter received a special invitation from the Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau: to create a civilized city, especially in the service window, is more representative of the image of Xining. Since the evening a city polished window action starts all over the county service industry to promote the city’s window, a city to good effect, welcome to the evening news reporter at the Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau to carry out unannounced visits to each window and to test the "Huangzhong public security supervision, improving work style, close ties with the masses", leveraging the evening a city polish the window was found during the operation, and correct work style.

June 28th, the reporter went to the Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau accreditation hall, the police station, the traffic police brigade, Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau to conduct unannounced visits……

reporter witnessed a

10 minutes to run immigration formalities

June 28th morning, the reporter drove to Huangzhong County, at 8:25 in the morning, Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau rush hall have opened the door, dressed in police uniforms work here with bright windows and clean tables, personnel have been in place for people to come for business.

8:30, smelt a four into the hall. They went straight to the entry and exit management window. Collar table…… In less than 10 minutes, Ye Xiuying signed his name on the application form. "You have all the formalities, after a week with this list to receive documents." Police Ma Wenjuan smiled and handed a certificate to receive a single Ye Xiuying.

"this is the second time, when I first came to permit the procedures required are asked, fill in a form from photography, payment, very convenient to handle, police, or attitude, I did not expect so soon." The Zhi Xiuying family is looking forward to the upcoming trip.

connection: Police Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau to implement the "improving the work style of close masses the provisions of the eight and 21 provincial government and municipal government 15 requirements," from work, dress, housekeeping, the reception of the masses and other aspects of the strict requirements. Requirements from all the convenience of the masses, so that the masses do not run the wrong way, one-stop service.

reporter witnessed two

run twice on the run account migration

accreditation hall;

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