Service three turned to bring what Xining

"combined with the functional areas of the city to accelerate the Lake District core area, the central business district, wells Lane ring sunning Plaza high-end business district, the comprehensive business district, double walled logistics park function area construction, put forward the mayor Wang Yubo in the NPC and CPPCC, national service industry pilot city construction as the starting point, to promote the service the quality and efficiency of industry. The reporter interviewed the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal People’s Congress on behalf of Song Chenxi, how to improve the quality and efficiency of the service industry, as well as changes in the service industry after the change to Xining.

traditional service industry gorgeous turn

– 2014 life services: in the transformation of modern service technology and business practices to improve, as Wanda Plaza, new Hualian Plaza, International Plaza, where thousands of times square, Jianguo Road underground mall and a number of large, strong ability to lead the commercial complex construction projects, improving the traditional service industry.

changes brought about by: commercial complex project, will provide a full range of people’s clothing, food, housing, travel and other aspects of high-quality services. Shopping, catering accommodation, transportation, tourism and other traditional services is no longer just a single species and service.

The new

service industry Shirupozhu

– 2014 new services: relying on the capital city of people, logistics, capital flow, information flow on the advantages of the upcoming high-tech R & D center, electronic industry incubator base, western financial center, medical and rehabilitation facilities, pension base projects, improve the industrial scale.

The change of

– bring: professional, high technology content, strong radiation of project construction in Xining soon emerged, the new service industry an important support to become a new bright spot in the city’s service industry development and growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood.

service area to lead navigation mark

– 2014 service areas: speeding up the construction of the Lake District, the core area of wells Xiang Central Business District, high-end ring sunning Plaza Business District, the comprehensive business district, double walled logistics park, bigger and stronger group of leading modern service industry demonstration zone, focusing on cultivating high-tech industrial park area, science and technology service rouchard cultural tourism industry park, south of the modern exhibition service area, health services, pension services base and a number of emerging service industry.

Changes of

– brought: the construction of service areas, according to industry concentration, intensive development, resource sharing, complementary functional requirements, and strive to become a pilot area construction area of modern service in our city and the economic development of the service industry cluster development service industry agglomeration area, the main service industry and manufacturing industry integration and development demonstration the area of modern service center to become the first leading.


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