Xining north of the RS to actively create a demonstration unit according to law

north of the city of Xining IRS to create a demonstration unit in accordance with the law as the starting point, to promote the overall goal, multi pronged approach, and actively promote the work of the rule of law to the rule of law, standardization and institutionalization.

the main measures adopted by the Council include: major tax law enforcement decisions democratization. Insist on major administrative action will involve the public interest, the vital interests of the taxpayer and the tax law enforcement of tax law enforcement into the major issues of collective decision trial; the implementation of accountability, "who do decision-making, who is responsible", strengthen tax law enforcement concept and risk awareness. Normalization of information disclosure. The tax notice, the taxpayer credit rating, tax assessment, tax incentives in public areas, and the use of bulletin board, promotional materials, consulting and other channels to implement the open window. Focus on dynamic supervision. According to the period of the tax law enforcement focus, strengthen supervision and inspection on the reduction of tax, tax, tax incentives, deferred tax authorities on behalf of the invoice etc.; regularly to strengthen the tax law enforcement risk anticipation, the inspector results improve the punishment and prevention system. We should strengthen the business training in accordance with the law, strengthen the work responsibility of the tax law enforcement personnel, improve the system of administration according to law, and scientifically refine the evaluation criteria, so as to ensure that the work is not in the field of creation, and the effectiveness is achieved. (author: Duan Ning Yang Xiaohui Chen Xiaoying)

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