The way how to depth into the area of Qinghai

Belt and Road Initiative "is a major strategic deployment of the central government, Qinghai Unicom as a major transportation hub in North and south, is a node connected provinces of the Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road, has a very important geographical and regional advantages in the" The Belt and Road ". In the future, Qinghai should take the attitude of what depth into the "The Belt and Road"? In 20 at the depth into the "The Belt and Road forum, domestic famous economic experts, on the development of" The Belt and Road "in our province, build a strategic fulcrum, promoting Qinghai to speed up the opening up, deepen exchanges and cooperation to carry out research activities, to explore the new thinking and open cooperation, exchange and fusion.

[expert advice] to build a green silk road

white, currently the president of China Economic Research Institute, Professor, Ph.D., doctoral tutor, director of the academic committee of Qinghai Silk Road Economic Zone Research institute.

Qinghai obvious advantages of ecological resources, green development potential. In depth into the "The Belt and Road", better play the green ecological comparative advantage, deepening the Qinghai development and opening up, promote the "build a green silk road". To adhere to green development, leading the "The Belt and Road construction. According to the requirements of ecological construction and economic development, we should strengthen the green ecological cooperation, and get a new way to protect the ecological environment and create the ecological value. Two to establish a large ecological concept, the construction of the three systems. Ecological economic system, social ecological system and the establishment of a green ecological system. Three "green Internet plus". Promote the depth of integration of the Internet and ecological civilization construction, driven by changes in the mode of production and lifestyle, the formation of networking, intelligent, service-oriented, collaborative economic and social development of a new form. Four to establish a green financial system around the green development. Fifth, ecological value and ecological fumin. Sharing ecological benefits and green development. Six to adhere to ecological coordination, green sharing. Establish and improve the cross regional ecological environment protection and development of the linkage mechanism to jointly build an ecological barrier to promote the development of urban agglomerations.


] the suggestions of experts in order to finance the development of methods, promote the construction of

Belt and Road Initiative "

Jiang Zhigang, member of the State Development Bank, deputy director general of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference, Secretary General of the Silk Road Planning Research Center (PPP). Jia Cheng in the consulting (Beijing) Limited chairman, doctor of economics, senior economist.


through the planning practice of development finance, extract the "wisdom + financing" "two financial mode". "Intelligent" is from the region, industry, customers, and country special aspects of cooperation with foreign research plan of our country to carry out all-round, systematic, multi-level, provide financial intelligence services; "financing" financing plan is for the implementation of major projects, provide investment loan debt rent "comprehensive financial services. The "two financial" mode of service "The Belt and Road" strategy, will provide the whole process of planning, the whole chain of service, the full range of financing led and government cooperation will play organizational advantages and Chinese financing advantages of financial institutions, for different projects;

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