To ensure that the management of Yinggang Gang named public park

tired of work, many people will choose to go to the beautiful environment and quiet city park walk, but now with the construction of the city, some park has been greatly damaged. In order to strengthen the city park construction and management, protecting and improving the ecological environment, beautify the city, I will introduce the "Xining city park management measures", to ensure that the park’s "public", truly for the people to provide a good place for recreation.

since 2003, the city has built a green city ruins park, Huangshui Forest Park 8 city theme park, and the transformation of the existing infrastructure of the park increased, completed the people’s Park, kylin Bay Park project transformation. As of the end of 9, the city has built 29 parks, including a comprehensive park of the park, the class of the park, the 10 of the 2012. Urban park construction for the general public to provide more sightseeing, leisure, viewing, entertainment venues, enriching the social and cultural life of the people.

but there are some outstanding problems in the construction and management of urban parks in our city: first, the planning and construction of urban parks need to be further strengthened. Park comprehensive service facilities are not perfect, the park to protect the region occupied, the phenomenon of building houses still occur. Two is the contradiction between the protection and utilization of urban parks is more prominent. Destruction of park facilities and the destruction of trees and green space occurs. The three is the lack of uniform norms of urban park management organizations and related operators.

will be introduced, "Xining city park management approach" to the construction and protection of urban parks were further clarified. For example, in the city park within the scope of protection, without approval, no unit or individual shall not change the city park land use planning nature and purposes, shall not be occupied, rental city park land, not for commercial development on the land of the city park. And the city park management organizations, such as the establishment of service signs and warning signs, keep the environment clean, city park facilities in good condition, to stop the destruction of city park landscape property act. In the construction of the city park, the maintenance of facilities and equipment, should be in the construction site, set up security warning signs. To maintain the normal operation of public toilet and sanitation. At the same time, prohibit visitors to set up tents in the forbidden area of swimming, fishing, barbecue, pet park and other acts, and refused to correct the warning, at more than 50 yuan fine of $200.

will be introduced, "Xining city park management approach" also provides that, in addition to the municipal government approved the city park fees, should be free to open, and should be open every day. Due to maintenance and other reasons for more than 24 hours, the park management agency shall be publicized in advance of three days. Washington (reporter Sheng Nan)


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