Xining police protect the safety of the college entrance examination to open up a fast track

in June 7th 8 in the morning, Xining traffic police detachment. More than 200 police posts, police key distribution in Xining area of 10 test sites and the surrounding roads, each point on the candidates rescue service vans and motorcycles 4 vehicles entrance flow prepared to meet the challenge, the patrol car all road inspections, to open up the fast track students exam.

college entrance examination emergency rescue in action

8:34, Xining South Street primary school entrance examination of a candidate rushed to the rescue service for help, "uncle, help me, my ID card at home." "Get on the bus! Where do you live?" Traffic police Li Qinghong asked softly.

"bridge Mao Sheng Temple", jumped on the candidates to answer.

lights flashing on the road to see the entrance rescue service vehicle sign police cars, pedestrians and vehicles in the city have to consciously avoid busy road traffic road 10 a few kilometers after 8:54, the name of Qiao Xiaohong’s successful candidates to enter the examination room.

at the same time, a candidate school test sites also encountered the same problem, when the city traffic police brigade police escort him to retrieve the ID card to enter the examination room, after 8:58, leaving only take less than 2 minutes.

outside the examination room traffic order

9, Xining City, eleven Lieutenant Colonel door, hundreds of parents gathered around and watched the candidates enter the examination room. Due to the narrow road, causing traffic congestion, the city traffic police brigade of 2 traffic police are emotional parents evacuated to the roadside.

"we understand parents feeling at the moment, but we have to tell them, road congestion, will cause the car horns and pedestrians noisy noise, will affect the mood of the candidates and their parents, we should work together to maintain good exam order, for students to provide a quiet environment for the college entrance examination." Police Li Lei said.

worried about traffic congestion, many parents send their children to drive to the examination room, but in many sites, the reporter saw the car on the road around the campus order, in the police persuasion, parents consciously parked the vehicle in the vicinity of the parking lot or the designated area, the surrounding road traffic orderly room.

humanized service candidates

9:45, a test point in Xining, when a taxi illegal parking penalties, the reporter found that the traffic police only after the driver had a verbal warning, they quickly released.

in an interview with reporters, Xining city traffic police detachment vice captains Ma Nanning explained, this is out of the consideration of human nature, in order to prevent traffic jam and maintain the examination room around the quiet, for minor traffic violations, we do not make a verbal warning, punishment, put the vehicle quickly and smoothly to ensure the road.


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