Xining agricultural building community has a talk therapy to give residents love team

in the city of Xining agricultural building community, a community composed of all the staff of the "talk therapy" team, they chat to the love and warmth to the residents have difficulty, solve problems for the residents, the team enjoyed by residents. Area residents said: there are worries, looking for community chat, the community is our home."

this year, 78 year old Ms. Cui, living in the first floor. Some time ago, the upstairs tenants to decorate the house when a piece of wood standing on the window, just blocking the window of the house of ms.. Things reflect to the neighborhood committee, community mediator Hao Shuling came to Cui home, holding her hand, said: aunt, you do not worry, we will solve this problem for you." In the afternoon, after consultation with the community staff and property companies, the demolition of a long standing in the window of Ms. Cui’s home on the board. Hao Shuling said: we will continue to visit Ms. Cui home upstairs tenants, I hope in our mediation, the two can live in harmony."

2007, Wang Hua (a pseudonym) released from prison, the mood is very low, do not want to deal with people. Community staff came to Wang Hua home several times, I hope he set up confidence in life. Through the chat, the community staff know Wang Hua in prison to learn art, painting, and practiced a brush. After that, as long as the community cultural activities, called Wang Hua, let him do the blackboard. Last year, the community held a commendation meeting residents, Wang Hua was named outstanding residents.

February 24th, built in the agricultural community neighborhood committee, responsible person Shen Haiying said: "the difficult residents encounter, the community will do our best to solve, but the most important thing is to teach us the way of chatting, people open their hearts." From last year to now, the community team "talk therapy" for the residents to solve practical 8, Shen Haiying hope area more residents in the face of difficulties, the first time the thought of community committees, busy staff will take time for the residents to solve. Agricultural building community neighborhood "talk therapy" team hotline: 8249309



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