Shanshan hall open to the public free of charge

In January 1st, as one of the important position of cultural activities in Xining of the shanshaan guild hall landscape been renovated, officially to the public free of charge, let the city people province have a place to experience the traditional culture of the place. It is reported that, on New Year’s day to the fifteen, in addition to carry out the "Shanshan guild hall" Cloisonne Thangka Exhibition "city change photo exhibition" and "folk" photo exhibition "city sculpture exhibition", will also carry out "said Laba · product Laba" folk experience activities, "said · xiaonianye; new year" auditorium, intangible cultural heritage "reading · tea" public reading, Qu Yuan Miscellaneous joy sinks and other 6 series of free public activities. Let the people of Xining share Huimin cultural feast.

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