Xining will have an upgraded version of the bike lanes from 2015 to 2017 calendar year built in 3 ye

"travel to Xining friends said Xining has a" strange ", the founder of" Qinghai Lake international road cycling race "of the city, it is difficult to see the high streets and back lanes cyclists, it is a bit strange." In 2010, NPC and CPPCC on the west city newspaper published reports of "Xining is a strange when it is no longer strange", has aroused widespread concern, the CPPCC members Feng Quanzhong several times in the NPC and CPPCC proposal "to build bike paths in Xining city". By the end of last year, the Xining municipal government in accordance with the requirements of Xining ecological red line control, has been prepared to complete the Xining greenway system planning. Starting this year, Xining strange will no longer blame, Xining people will have their own upgraded version of the bike lanes, riding a bike to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xining is no longer far away.

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city hard to find cyclists

convenient, inexpensive and can maintain a healthy and clean environment of the bike, was once the main means of transport Xining citizens travel. With the rapid economic development, the great improvement in the lives of the masses, more and more people to buy private cars in Xining, and now, with the city is full of parking to describe the provincial capital, a little exaggeration. At the same time, with the rapid growth of car ownership in Xining, the contradiction between supply and demand of parking is becoming more and more difficult. In stark contrast, fewer and fewer people ride bicycles in the streets. Concerned that the reason for this is that on the one hand, the original bicycle parking place is gradually change the use or removal, which makes some of the original habits of cycling community had to have bikes sealed in home or simply when selling vintage. On the other hand, with the increase in the number of cars, traffic congestion, motor vehicle occupied the bike lane.


also my bike lane

2013, 280 pounds of weight to the public in order to lose weight, bought a bike, decided to embark on the road to lose weight cycling. One can go on the road, a small way to find no bike lanes in Xining. Urban road congestion, the road is narrow, riding on the road, one side is the crazy taxi, one side is the "big" buses, plus the new road killer Road, think of this picture, it is tremble with fear. As a result, small Cheng had to suspend the weight loss plan to ride. Over the past two years, a large number of bike races in Xining, the starting point of the event is to promote the concept of green riding. If this is the case, then at least there should be a bike lane, or who dares to ride a bike on the road? I think we should take the bike back to the public."

good news:

upgraded version of the bike this year to start building

reporter learned from the Xining urban and Rural Planning Bureau, in fact, Xining has been a bike lane, but with;

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