The friendship of the people of Qinghai in mind

February 9th, the provincial government and China Earthquake Administration signed a joint agreement to strengthen the comprehensive capacity building of Qinghai earthquake disaster reduction. Governor Hao Peng, China Earthquake Administration, attended the signing of the agreement and the Secretary of the. Before the
Hao Peng on behalf of the provincial government for the arrival of Chen Jianmin welcome. Hao Peng said, over the years, the China Earthquake Administration of Qinghai Province earthquake disaster development has given strong support, especially after the Yushu earthquake, Chen Jianmin and the director of the State Seismological Bureau Working Group first time to guide disaster relief, after several trips to Yushu, the scene to help solve the problem, to support post disaster reconstruction, the friendship of the people of Qinghai keep in mind. Hao Peng said, Qinghai earthquake prone areas, do a good job of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, is related to the broad masses of the people’s lives and vital interests, related to the continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, is of great significance. At present, Qinghai is in a critical stage of accelerating the construction of "three zones", we will guarantee the economic development and social stability, and the earthquake disaster mitigation work in an important position, and constantly improve the comprehensive ability of disaster prevention and mitigation, to minimize earthquake damage, promote the development of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and fusion in economic society, hope as in the past to support China Earthquake Administration in Qinghai earthquake disaster mitigation infrastructure construction, earthquake science and technology innovation, personnel training and other work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.
Chen Jianmin development of the work of Qinghai economic society especially after the Yushu earthquake reconstruction work has achieved praise and recognition, thanks to the Qinghai provincial government to support the work of the Qinghai Seismological bureau. He said that Qinghai has been attached great importance to earthquake prevention and mitigation work, adhere to the earthquake monitoring and forecasting, earthquake prevention, emergency rescue, coordinated development of earthquake science and technology, earthquake prevention and mitigation capabilities have been continuously improved. He said, the signing of the agreement, is the continuation and deepening of bilateral cooperation, China Earthquake Administration in earthquake monitoring and prediction of earthquake disaster prevention, emergency rescue, earthquake science and technology innovation as the key to further increase the Qinghai earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation work support in the project, capital, intelligence and technology, help to promote Qinghai Province earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation self development ability, better economic and social development to provide earthquake security.

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