Xining fire fighting winter fire fighting

since the beginning of winter, water, electricity, gas, fire risk also increased. Xining fire department immediately started fire fighting in the winter, in the city to carry out special investigation and remediation of fire hazards, to maintain the stability of the fire situation in Xining.


check to crowded places, high-rise building underground, explosive units and "three in one" in places such as the focus, focus on remediation, automatic fire facilities can not operate normally, the use of liquefied gas tank using flammable and combustible dining establishments, external insulation materials and external insulation materials, bare block lax, outdoor billboards of fire fighting and rescue evacuation and the problems of low grade refractory steel building.

group each to a unit, to the people responsible for the detailed description of the importance of preventive measures and work requirements, the person in charge of the unit to understand the situation, raise awareness of the existence of hidden arrange implementation, according to the requirements of rectification is completed on time. And the development of effective fire safety management measures, to achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted inspections of self-examination, to ensure that the fire safety precautions in place, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of fire accidents. The inspection action a total of 45 units, the investigation of fire hazards in place, on the spot rectification of the 46, issued a "deadline for correction notice" of the 43, the seizure of units of the family of 1.

at present, Xining winter fire prevention work is in full swing. (author: Ma Yufeng Huang Kaisen)



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