The first people’s hospital to strengthen basic nursing provide satisfactory service to promote the

  to make full use of window units and service industries of Party organizations and Party members in the service of people’s health, promote the construction of harmonious society and the medical and health system reform in the fighting force vanguard and exemplary role, Xining First People’s Hospital to strengthen basic nursing, to provide satisfactory service "as the theme, carefully build" quality care demonstration project ", striving for" high quality nursing service demonstration hospital ", to further promote the window units and service industries chuangxianzhengyou.

. First, in the event, the hospital continued to increase investment, the establishment of a special fund of 1 million yuan of care, to support the quality of nursing service demonstration project". An increase of more than one hundred years, the nurse, and set up a 20 person nurse staffing mobile teams, according to the nursing workload timely deployment of nurses. Two is the purchase of clinical care facilities and appliances, produced a variety of nursing safety identification. The three is to reform and simplify the nursing records, nursing records form tick and focus records, strict implementation of "more than and 3 less" care requirements, reduce the writing time, improve work efficiency. Four is to further implement the working group on nursing responsibility and the responsibility of bedside nursing system, the nursing group workstation to ward nursing shifts forward, flexible shifts, so that nurses have more time to take care of the patient into the ward, the implementation of morning and evening care.

closely, obvious effect. At the event, the hospital logistics support system in close cooperation, work focus on clinical, do accept delivery under repair, call, "return time to the nurse, the nurse to the patient effectively implemented the basic nursing qualification rate of 98%. Through the activities carried out to further improve the quality of care services, patient satisfaction rate reached 97.2%, won the praise of patients, families and the community.


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