Third party independent investigation

in order to further improve the effectiveness of the annual performance appraisal and pertinence, the city continue to improve and perfect the evaluation system, innovative forms of assessment, increasing public satisfaction evaluation proportion in the annual performance appraisal, job evaluation and objective understanding of the urban and rural residents, cadres and service objects of municipal departments and county government, provide an important basis for for the city’s annual performance appraisal work.

from the beginning of 2013, the city based peer assessment in the previous democratic assessment, leadership assessment and county municipal departments will entrust the third party to carry out investigations, evaluation and debriefing meeting 100 network survey, innovation and enrich the social public evaluation form, established the social evaluation system of multi dimension. In the annual performance appraisal, the city will be the daily assessment score increased from 3 points to 16.5 points, accounting for up to 30%. The livelihood of the people and ecological protection index weight adjusted to 50%, the assessment of public satisfaction is more prominent, more prominent focus and guidance.

in the third party independent investigations, by urban and rural residents, municipal cadres, evaluation units of the service object, of the three counties of 15 units of the City Board of education, City Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the four areas of work performance, service level, organ style, work efficiency evaluation and put forward opinions and suggestions. Select a representative sample of 1000 effective survey. Evaluation of the use of government service hall survey and direct home visits. Cadres and cadres from the county government to provide the roster, random sampling of the site to fill out a questionnaire, suggestions. The sample of urban and rural residents was stratified random sampling method. The survey was conducted by 45 investigators who were directly in the community. The questionnaire was carried out by household survey.


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