What kind of project to return home to choose a good Chongqing Wu inheritance wine technology

in China’s civil society has a lot of traditional technology, although the era of continuous development, but these technologies are still a treasure, so it is very meaningful to inherit these technologies! "Can the grandparents stay brewing craft handed down, I’ll be satisfied!" 10 years ago, he gave up the traditional brewing craft family business. 10 years later, he will inherit the ancestors of generations brewing down. He is the Chongqing State District Dun Hao Zhen Wu Xian, 48 years old this year.

operating family "enterprise"

recently, the reporter went to the good town of London Luming village, Wu Xian has yet to see the winery, they smelled the fragrance of wine. Into the winery, reeky, warm, a wine master long hand shovel, staring is steaming pots, he is worthy.

"when I was young, my grandfather and father are the town farm implements factory roast wine master. In 60s and 70s of last century, London good farm implements factory in large scale, a blacksmith, carpenter and other hundreds of workers. Later, farm machinery instead of being, fewer workers, factory depression." Wu Xian wiped the sweat from his brow, while busy briefed reporters on the side.

Wu Xian. After graduating from junior high school, along with his father to join the farm tool factory learning brewing technology, until 1998 the farm tool factory collapse will follow his father contracted farm implements factory wine workshop.

White steam

sunlight to penetrate the dense, projecting from the gap in the eaves tiles down, according to Wu Yin see covered with sweat on his face, "ancestors have roast wine, I smell the wine growing up, is also in the family business’ enterprise ‘."

heritage of traditional crafts

is now a large number of wineries engaged in large-scale construction or mechanized brewing of beer, adhere to the traditional technology of wine is not much." Wu Xian said, he has to adhere to, is to inherit the ancestors brewing craft.

"using the traditional method of brewing wine, not only taste mellow and delicate, mellow, long aftertaste, entrance. In addition, pure grain brewing wine, drink after dry mouth, not above, no hangover sequelae." Wu Xian said, he had abandoned the craft handed down from ancestors, work hard to go outside, but always yearned for 10 years.

preparation of food, ingredients, cooking, cooling, fermentation, wine…… Wu Xian see four o’clock every morning to get up, has been busy until five or six p.m.. He said: "the traditional brewing process is very complex, very hard."

old five, this year’s Spring Festival to prepare me 50 pounds of high spirits." The Spring Festival approaching, for he booked liquor customer liaison recommended

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