Xining to increase the number of temporary relief efforts in the event of a large government bailout

In January 6th, the reporter learned from the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau, to ensure it encountered unexpected illness tolls, survival plight of urban and rural residents to spend the Spring Festival, Xining city issued "opinions on doing a good job this winter and next spring special TANF work". According to the city, district (county) Civil Affairs Department of the preliminary investigation, the relief benefits Xining more than 5 thousand families, is expected to provide relief funds of more than 2500 yuan.

"opinions" clear, the scope of this winter and next spring for temporary assistance: with the city domicile or residence permit holders of non city residence households or individuals, the face of emergencies, accidental injury, serious illness and other special reasons for basic living temporarily serious difficulties can enjoy. Focus on urban and rural low income, urban and rural, rural five, orphans, severe disabilities and key special difficulties such as family or individual.

assistance standard according to household expenditure, which is divided into the following year cumulative expenditure of 30 thousand yuan, the highest 5000 yuan relief; spending 30 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan, the highest 10 thousand yuan relief; spending 50 thousand yuan to 80 thousand yuan, the highest 15 thousand yuan relief; spending more than 80 thousand yuan, the highest 20 thousand yuan relief. For families with special difficulties after the rescue, after the approval of the people’s governments of various districts and counties, may increase the number of appropriate assistance.

"opinions" put forward, this winter and spring temporary relief funds this month before the end of full payment in place. At the same time, also asked the County Civil Affairs Bureau in accordance with the "personal application, the township (street), the District Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for approval procedures, in case of emergency should start the emergency rescue procedures, simplifying approval procedures, first payment, after the formalities.  

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