Xining held a mobilization meeting

February 28th, held in Xining District patrol mobilization meeting, the provincial Party committee to arrange the first inspection teams to the city’s East District, City District, north of the city, Datong County, Huangyuan County inspections. City tour members of the contact group and the inspection area of the district party secretary of the discipline committee, the Organization Department, propaganda minister attended the meeting, members of the first provincial inspection teams and provincial inspection leading group office responsible comrades attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by the Municipal Committee, municipal organization minister Zhang Xuetian. Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Zou Jiansheng on behalf of the municipal Party committee to do a good job with careful inspections, made a request.
the inspection from the beginning of March, the end of June. Inspect the work as well, I am responsible for the establishment of the city by the leadership of the municipal Party committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department responsible for the inspection work as a member of the contact group, specifically responsible for the provincial inspection teams for the first comprehensive coordination, city patrol briefing, supervision and rectification work.

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