Wages paid by the province’s special inspection start

reporter from the Provincial Labor Supervision Bureau, 12 departments of the provincial human resources and social security department and the provincial development and Reform Commission, the public security department, Justice Department, finance department, from November 25th to 2017 before the Spring Festival organized in the province to carry out special inspections of payment of wages for migrant workers.

It is reported that

, the scope of the special inspection of the migrant workers is the use of various types of employers, focus is to recruit more migrant workers in construction, mining, electricity, transportation, water conservancy construction, manufacturing, catering and other labor-intensive small and medium enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, especially government investment project construction and steel construction enterprises coal, overcapacity and other enterprises.

special inspection will be carried out in phases. From November 25th to December 4th for the publicity phase. Throughout the province will be in the densely populated city areas or in the downtown area, as well as migrant workers are concentrated in construction, train station, bus station, synchronization to carry out promotional activities, by posting related promotional materials, promotional activities and other forms of organized counseling, smooth workers report complaints channels, improve the ability of migrant workers to use legal means to safeguard their own the legitimate rights and interests, and create a legal environment to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. From December 5th to 2017 before the Spring Festival, all levels of human resources and social security department will coordinate the relevant departments of the joint law enforcement inspection group, focus on examination of the employer, the key enterprises in key industries and regions, to door inspection, found the problem, and properly deal with. Limited rectification of existing problems.

through the special inspection, the antecedents of wage arrears caused by the Spring Festival mass incidents decreased, to ensure that the wages of migrant workers involved cases basically closed, group events are properly handled, the alleged crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration to judicial departments, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the majority of workers wages.


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