Today the weather clears up in Xining

over the past few days, most parts of our province have been snow, affected by this, starting from the evening of 25, the province’s highway closure of nearly 20 hours on the road of two. Reporters learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the cold air began to leave the territory of the province, this year, the province will usher in sunny or cloudy weather.

it is understood that the 25 day to night, the surrounding area of Qinghai Lake, the province of Xining, Haidong, Huangnan appeared precipitation, among them, the Republic, Menyuan precipitation 2.5 mm, reached in precipitation, the rest is dominated by a small amount of precipitation. The precipitation also caused Longhua and Menyuan, Jigzhi on the morning of 26, there were 3 centimeters of snow. Ma Ping highway safety to the people, and Ping a highway because of snow on the road, from 25 to start at the beginning of the two-way sealing road to 26, about 15 hours before the resumption of traffic. This cold air gradually left the province yesterday, from 26 noon, the temperature in most parts of the province slowly picked up, Xining from the day when the temperature of minus 14.5 degrees to pick up to 16 when the temperature of 1.6 degrees.

According to the latest

analysis of meteorological data, the next three days, in most areas of the province is dominated by sunny or cloudy weather, the temperature gradually rose 27 to 28 during the day and night, sunny or cloudy across the province, of which there are about 5 Guoluo West, 28 to 29 at night during the day, Guoluo, Dulan cloudy to Yushu snow, sunny cloudy, cloudy the rest of the province. (author: Rong Lijun a)

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