Xining branch of the people’s Bank of China and the province’s foreign exchange management conferenc

February 1st, the Xining branch of the people’s Bank of China and the province’s foreign exchange management conference held in Xining. The meeting reviewed and summed up the work of the past year, the deployment of the work in 2010. Vice governor Gao Yunlong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Gao Yunlong pointed out in his speech, 2009 is a very challenging year for the financial front, the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch full implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, Qinghai focus on the overall harmonious development, adhere to the "capital growth, people’s livelihood and stability" as the main line, conscientiously implement the national monetary policy and provincial government arrangements the deployment, with the national industrial policies and the province’s economic development focus on credit oriented, to increase the credit and optimize the credit structure, turn crisis into opportunity, because, according to local conditions, effectively resist the impact of the financial crisis, through the "most difficult year", which plays an important role in the province’s win "gratifying situation good economic and social harmony, improve the people’s livelihood".

over the past year, our province to actively promote the pace of the construction of social credit system, rural credit environment is obviously improved, showing the capital of depression effect, last year return funds amounted to 11 billion yuan, has played a positive role to solve the problem of farmers’ loans; to support the Tibetan areas development, put forward the support system of Tibetan economic and financial policy construction "a core, two mechanisms, three systems, four, five preferential reward", provides a strong policy support for the State Council and the local government; to create a "benefiting people" as the main content of the various county financial service system, to carry out the pilot work of financial services since three years, the province’s County loan increased, and in agriculture, establish credit mechanism and guarantee risk compensation fund, treasury payment system construction, social services etc. Has done a lot of solid and effective work, in order to promote the development of county economy has played an effective role.

Gao Yunlong stressed that the just concluded eleven session of the three National People’s Congress of the province, the arrangements for the deployment of various tasks and measures in 2010, the province’s economic construction and social development, to achieve these objectives and tasks, cannot do without the strong support of the financial system. In the new year, people’s Bank, the financial regulatory authorities and financial institutions continue to increase credit, to support Qinghai’s economic and social development; to steadily push forward financial reform, maintain financial stability; to further improve the long-term mechanism to support the development of local economy, continue to promote the county financial services, based on the development of county finance service pilot, this year in the province to promote the comprehensive, continue to broaden the field of financial services; to continue to earnestly implement the central and local support on the introduction of Qinghai Tibetan area economic and social development of the various measures, in support of the Qinghai sound and rapid economic and social development.


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