Xining traffic accident processing speed every day to eliminate 30 possible congestion points

last year, Xining city traffic accidents fast processing, rapid insurance claims service center handled traffic accident claims case 5196, the superiority of the mechanism to resolve due to traffic accidents caused by traffic congestion, traffic police department for the purpose of fast fast lose and insurance combination has become increasingly prominent.

claims through fast fast processing, for a minor traffic accident, the traffic police department to implement fast and fast pay insurance one-stop service, a minor traffic accident promptly evacuated, to speed up the processing speed of the traffic administrative department of the accident, reduce road congestion due to traffic accidents, improve road traffic rate. Last year, service center handled non contentious cases since 3641, the average daily may have 30 congestion points, if the police and insurance companies to the scene, each case is calculated for 30 minutes, there will be nearly 1100 hours of road congestion. In addition, in the service center, three party site office, the rapid handling of the accident dispute up to 1561.

at the same time, this mechanism reduces the number of processing links to facilitate the accident parties. According to the stagnation of the police room Hou Deqiang captain introduced, auto insurance consumers reflect, in the past to deal with a traffic accident generally takes about 15 days to about 10 days, slow up to up to 30 days, and now generally only about 30 minutes will be able to close. At present, the rapid handling of traffic accidents in Xining, the insurance claims service center is the only one of the province to carry out a rapid disposal of minor traffic accidents, quick claims service sector.


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