Special rectification so that the eastern new wind

Recently, in the east area of educational practice, to the mountain of the sea, Yong lazy luxury, masses difficult problems, carry out the 22 special rectification activities, so that the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions to celebrate the bursts of fresh air. Will effectively improve the wind, strict control of the number of documents, streamline the types of information, compared to last year, the meeting fell 11.8%, the document fell by 5.3%. Carry out a thorough investigation of 53, focusing on the 22, the rectification of the problem more than 30. Of the 16 staff members in violation of discipline of the bulletin, which given a demerit of 3 people. For official vehicles to carry out the "five no" special rectification, repaying the borrowed car 13, the existing 1 units Gongjusiyong problem to be criticized in the region, and the illegal use of the bus driver to be dismissed. The county leading cadres take the lead, qingtui super standard office space 334 square meters. On the region’s 40 budget units of financial discipline implementation, public consumption and three funds for the focus of inspection, compared with the same period last year, three funds decreased by 13.8%. Not as slow as a special rectification work, as of now, the admissibility of complaints 6, involving 6 people; supervise the handling of the pieces, involving 4 people, have all gone through. To take the double three schools of the measures for the implementation of the village of the 2 weak and lax rectification of the problem to the village of the "village" of the 6 general issues to carry out rectification work in the village of. Resolutely investigate and rectify the problem of discipline violations in the grassroots cadres, transferred to judicial organs suspected of nest 1, organized a rural warning education conference to strengthen grassroots honest government work.  

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