Xining 87 old family member courtyard will be changed

since the bankruptcy of the enterprise, the family members of our hospital no one management, garbage mountain high. It’s going to change!" April 7th, the city of Xining, north of the mountains and the family members of the foundry residents Zhang looked at the construction site said happily. In order to implement the requirements of the Xining municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the implementation of fine service, the north of the city will focus on solving the problems of poor sanitation, poor management, etc.. Mountains casting plant family member courtyard is the first residential renovation this year, at present, the North District Urban Management Bureau is stepping up construction, 8 days later, the family hospital will be fundamentally changed.

Qinghai agriculture and animal husbandry machinery factory, Qinghai shuangdie wool factory, mining machinery factory, living area and other buildings of the "three noes" long-term lease, by individual units involved more, the lack of unified management and professional security team. Because there is no property management agencies, these "property three noes" hospital building has been in charge of difficulties, unattended, unattended, security facilities are not perfect state. Burglary, car theft cases have occurred, plus Road potholes, street lights are not bright, garbage heaps, residents There are complaints all around.

to solve the "three management" hospital building difficult ills, combined with the city Seongbuk fine management requirements, the full implementation of the new mode of health management of old family member courtyard, issued a "property management without Chengbei district (old and old)" implementation plan of long-term management of environmental health family buildings, 87 of the region’s old family member courtyard gradually carry out comprehensive improvement of different levels of environmental health, and establish a long-term management mechanism, so that fundamentally changed the old family member courtyard.

according to the progressive mode, easy to difficult this year, north area combined with the national special subsidies 11 thousand and 200 yuan per household, will invest about 62 million 160 thousand yuan, of which 17 enterprises bankruptcy conditions are ripe old buildings of the garden wall, the implementation of reconstruction of whitewash, green renovation, road hardening and other aspects of comprehensive reform, the transformation of 5550 households, area of 495646.8 square meters. Among them, Qinghai agricultural and animal husbandry machinery factory area, the original Qinghai shuangdie wool factory living area, Sichuan mountain ferroalloy group living area, the original car three or four, the original three building Sanhe area projects have been launched in advance, currently under construction, the remaining project is in the design and preparation of the feasibility report. (author: Peng Nafan health building)

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