Tax law publicity

in the afternoon of March 21st, the Qinghai provincial state owned holding company five floor conference room atmosphere. It turned out to be a local tax bureau in Xining City, a group of 8 people to come with the Qinghai provincial state owned holding company and the company’s financial controller and the person in charge of the 6 units of the tax forum.

forum, tax cadres explained more than 120 thousand yuan annual income levy personal income tax declaration form, the scope of the enterprise income tax policies and regulations and changes; and the western development preferential tax policies and procedures for the record, especially for people more concerned about the "country of five" 20% housing transactions tax policy in detail. This forum warm atmosphere, the tax department of a change in the way of publicity, change roles, door-to-door service, to discuss the knowledge of tax knowledge, finance, point to point and relevant personnel of enterprises face, place guidance in place, interpretation, and people learn to understand the place, tax cadres as "people", narrow the tax the distance between enterprises. (author: Gan Haifeng)


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