Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce of Huangzhong farmers to solve the difficult to sell vegetables

is on the side of the high market price of vegetables, while the farm fresh vegetables can not sell, a troubled Huangzhong county vegetable farmers, in order to expand the real estate sales to help farmers sell vegetables, "slow food", recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce four District Organization Department of Commerce and the sea Lake Road in the wholesale market, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center distribution enterprises to help farmers solve the problem of poor sales of vegetables give advice and suggestions.

it is understood that, in view of the actual farmers difficult to sell vegetables, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to take various measures to coordinate urban settings in Huangzhong County real estate market food sales area, designated a number of stalls for vegetable sales; in the heart area set up homegrown Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution, three county and North District including sales of vegetables in Huangzhong County, the vegetable estate; Jia Dahui Hakka supermarket, Hualian Supermarket, 100 supermarket supermarket "agricultural docking" efforts to establish contact with Huangzhong county and professional cooperatives and farmers, set the area sales of vegetables in the supermarket, expand sales and the number of varieties of local vegetables; Datong Jiaxing, Qinghai Sheng green, Xining HSBC Direct stores and community chain enterprises must use the community network advantage, actively acquire local vegetable products, through the agency Direct sales of vegetables to enhance the real estate area stores.

several measures not only solve the problem of Huangzhong vegetables unmarketable, but also for the future sales of vegetables in other districts and counties to accumulate experience, enhance the enthusiasm of farmers to grow vegetables. (author: Fang Xu)


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