The city’s primary and secondary schools kindergartens and social education institutions more preca

according to the unified deployment of education departments of the provinces and the city’s school arrangements, influenza a H1N1 influenza prevention and control measures has been further strengthened, the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and teaching institutions have taken control measures to prevent epidemic outbreaks further on campus.


a day for students

September 18th, the city of Chaoyang School, Nanshan Road Primary School Principals, said in an interview with reporters, by the higher authorities allotted fast body temperature detector has been put into use in 17 and put into use. Thirteen in Xining, Xining fourteen principal told reporters, the school is now concerned with contact, fast temperature detector will soon be in place.

My school now facing the

epidemic, City Board of education requires schools based on the implementation of the "morning examination system for students, the students" afternoon inspection ", at the moment, each has begun to strictly enforce the two day inspection system.

school disinfection, ventilation does not stay dead

disinfection in the school premises, ventilation, the city’s school is a full range of disinfection once a day, classrooms, corridors, staircases, offices, functional rooms, toilets, canteens…… Do not leave any dead. Schools strictly enforce the school ventilation requirements, adequate ventilation time.

school principals interviewed told reporters that the school on the basis of strict implementation of disinfection, ventilation system, but also on the provisions of the superior measures were extended and refined. Such as Xining fourteen, always adhere to the "two times a day disinfection system" morning before school students, a student in the evening disinfection; disinfection once again after leaving.

epidemic day report, nothing reported

for a stream, the city has been in the implementation of the epidemic reporting system.

according to the survey of 4 school principals, the report is divided into regular reports and timely reporting of two. Regular report: school class teacher every day within the specified time to the students "morning examination, signs observation report to the leaders of the school, by the school after the summary, and then reported to the Bureau of education and the CDC within the specified time; timely report: if in the teaching process found fever symptoms or physical discomfort students, teachers, the school should be the first time the situation was reported to the Bureau of education and the cdc.

multi form propaganda + rigid requirements

Since the domestic

flu epidemic, the city schools make full use of the window, blackboard newspaper, radio, magazines, newspapers, leaflets of a flow of knowledge and prevention knowledge. High awareness of teachers and students.

surveyed 4 school principal told reporters, on the basis of this, the school also requires the teacher made the following mandatory requirement for students: wash your hands, wash hands, wash your face; science; try not to go to crowded places; go to crowded places to wear masks.

teachers less parents

these two days, the city’s schools are under the command of the death of the school entrance, social workers and vehicles are prohibited from entering the school campus; school teachers do not need to ask parents;

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