Xining rural health institutions standardized construction work started

April 11th Qinghai news network reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, for a period of 7 months of rural health institutions of Xining City standardization work has been started, will be built at the county level health institutions 15, 492 rural health institutions.

it is understood, according to the two counties in rural health institutions standardization activities to implement the program in accordance with the requirements of the county (District) to promote the principles, this year the county (District) county health standard construction of rural health institutions have 15, 492 rural health institutions, including 6 hospitals in the heart, general health 14 hospitals, 472 village clinics. The activities are divided into propaganda and mobilization, leak filled, apply for acceptance, appraisal review of four stages, the fourth stage will be in accordance with the Xining City, health administrative departments at the county level and county level health institutions to accept the provincial health department inspection review, rural health institutions accept the Xining Municipal Health Bureau review procedures to carry out checks. During the construction period, the relevant departments will organize regular and irregular inspection and supervision, and timely study and solve the problems existing in the construction work, to sum up the promotion of advanced experience, give full play to the exemplary role. At the same time, the provincial health department will be in strict accordance with the "rules" of the assessment and acceptance evaluation, did not pass the assessment and acceptance of the departments and units ordered its rectification, the next year to apply for examination and approval, shall not participate in the annual assessment activities. (author: young Li)


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