Sanjiang source National Park pilot mobilization meeting held

that is the source of Sanjiang scenic spots

Luo Huining presided over and delivered an important speech – Hao Peng mobilization

April 13th, Sanjiang National Park pilot mobilization meeting held in our province. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining presided over the meeting and made an important speech, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng on behalf of the provincial government for mobilization.

Luo Huining pointed out that the source of Sanjiang held the national park system pilot mobilization meeting, strategic thinking is to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of ecological civilization, earnestly implement the office of the State Office issued the "Sanjiang national park system pilot program", the reform work full deployment, to mobilize the whole province to actively open action. A new journey to Qinghai in the construction of ecological civilization. The significance of all localities and departments must be from a strategic and overall perspective to fully understand the work of the pilot, accurately grasp the guiding ideology, objectives and main tasks, practical thinking and action with the Party Central Committee and the State Council to the provincial government’s decision to deploy up.

Luo Huining stressed the need to implement the task of the pilot reform, the key lies in the continued implementation of strong organizational leadership. Strengthen the leadership of the party and government leaders personally, to strengthen the leadership to adhere to the problem oriented, strengthen leadership to form a joint force. The pilot of the national park system is an open reform project, the whole province to work together, and strive to be enthusiastic and press on Sanjiang source, National Park into a beautiful China beautiful name card.

Hao Peng pointed out that our province Sanjiang source area is an important national ecological security barrier, the ecological position is very important, is the great historical mission of building "Chinese water tower" of the Sanjiang to carry out the source of the national park system pilot, is the urgent need to promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, is an important reform measure management system and mechanism innovation of ecological protection, the to speed up the ecological civilization in our province and even the whole country system construction has milepost significance. We must firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of awareness and consciousness to the core line, a high degree of political consciousness and responsibility, in accordance with the general requirements of "to determine the source of Sanjiang national park system pilot plan" and the provincial government’s "one year, two years after the completion of the work to lay a solid foundation for five years, a pilot task of National Park" "three steps" work objectives, push forward the pilot work.

Hao Peng put forward specific requirements for the work of reform from five aspects: one is the outstanding and effective protection of ecological restoration, through the implementation of differential protection, comprehensive management system, strengthen ecological protection policies supporting the protection and utilization of unique resources to promote the protection, to maintain and enhance Sanjiang Source Water Conservation Ecological service function. The two is to explore the harmonious coexistence between man and nature model, accelerate the establishment of a sound integrated management of landscape forest and grass, local herdsmen to participate in national parks and herdsmen;

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