Xining police destroyed a robbery Gang arrested 3 suspects

May 15th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal traffic safety bureau, the Bureau in May 14, 2009 successfully destroyed a robbery Gang, arresting 3 suspects, cracked robbery cases from 5.

May 10th, Xining city traffic and Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade received the victim kongmou report said: at 2 pm, a hole in the street near the bridge, by 3 men armed with a knife hijacked to a taxi, stole 1200 yuan in cash, Bel a mobile phone and bank card and password to intimidate their say. Take the bank card cash 2500 yuan. After the incident, the Criminal Police Brigade quickly organized elite police case analysis will be held, carefully sort out the law of the case, the characteristics of the investigation carried out immediately. In May 14th 16 PM, police brigade in cooperation with relevant departments, respectively, at the Cygnet Plaza Hotel, Chengzhong District Wen temple within the bar, was arrested Zhang Mou, held a 3 suspects. After preliminary interrogation, the 3 suspects on the morning of May 10th robbery of a hole in the property confessed to the crime. At the same time, the 3 men also confessed to the crime of robbery and theft of personal property and burglary in Xining. Currently, the 3 suspects were under criminal detention. The case is under further investigation.


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