This year the transformation of urban landscape Nanshan Road to add green

days ago, the reporter learned from the forestry sector in Xining, the city public facilities located on the Nanshan Road Network, road green belt of trees growing gradually weakened, even the phenomenon of death. In order to completely change the status quo of green bald spots, poor growth trees, poor landscape effect, this year, the city invested more than 240 yuan, Nanshan Road, a comprehensive landscape to enhance the transformation, the current project has been in full swing.

It is reported that

, to improve the landscape renovation project will increase the thickness of the overlying soil in the Nanshan Road across the board, improve plant growth, solve the network problems and restrict the growth of trees, flower beds in the building along the road, improve road landscape quality and grade; and the plant does not grow good replacement, change to the flowering plum, clove, wax so, Prunus cistena high ornamental value, rich colors, good plant growth, improve the plant landscape fundamentally.

In addition,

will also completely change the existing landscape of Nanshan Road terrain, the slope will be transformed into a plane, to facilitate the subsequent watering, weeding and other fine conservation management. Nanshan Road into a colorful, beautiful landscape of road green landscape, to provide more public leisure green space. (author: Yang Jian)

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