The planning and development of tourism industry in our province 13th Five Year through the review

recently, by the provincial government planning office organization province famous tourism planning, economics, sociology, architecture experts and relevant units responsible person of Qinghai province "," 13th Five-Year "tourism development plan" for the review. The review committee unanimously agreed to review, and the combination of mass tourism and global tourism, put forward constructive comments and suggestions, to further highlight the development of ways to expand regional tourism cooperation, improve the tourism public service, accelerate the reform and innovation to promote the development of tourism, tourism consumption etc..

according to reports, the "planning" focus on innovation driven, coordinated, green and low-carbon economy, expanding opening up and integration of the five strategic path sharing, to reform and innovation, quality and efficiency "as the theme, in order to promote the supply side structural reforms," double double "and the construction of self driving tour (model) for engine focus on promoting the integration of elements, the development of public services, and promote regional, rural tourism and precise poverty alleviation, nine key projects, in order to achieve the 5 tourist city, 10 tourist County, 20 tourist towns and 200 tourist villages for tourism province support system.

"plan" clearly, 13th Five-Year "period, the province’s tourism number average annual growth of 13%, total tourism income of an average annual growth rate of 16%, by the end of 2020, the number of domestic tourists reached 43 million passengers, which accounted for more than 60% foreign tourists, inbound tourists reached 120 thousand people, the total tourism revenue reached 53 billion yuan, the province’s tourism industry on the contribution rate of more than GDP 10%; tourism direct employment reached 160 thousand people, indirect employment of more than 800 thousand people, 132 thousand people to achieve poverty through the development of tourism.


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