Cadres into the enterprise services cadres into the business services to solve the three major probl

recently, Gan River Industrial Park "thousands of cadres into the enterprise service working group actively into the enterprise, understand the practical difficulties, held a meeting to coordinate the work of the Qinghai River, 100 Aluminum Co. Ltd to coordinate and solve the cable tunnel construction, power line project of external circuit land, aluminum liquid transportation dedicated channel three by the problem. Enterprise credit.

according to the province’s thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities and further improve the linking point helping enterprises, practical difficulties and problems in Ganhe Industrial Park "thousands of cadres into the enterprise service working group promptly into Qinghai Baihe aluminium limited liability company to investigate the existence of the enterprise, and the first time to arrange and implement. Park for the power supply demand of 100 River Aluminum expansion project at the end of July put into operation, the timely convening of coordination power supply line path, the implementation of the power cable tunnel construction enterprises, identified by the Qinghai provincial power company and the park management committee are responsible for the construction of cable tunnel, started in May 10th, completed in July 30th, for the enterprise power supply line electrical installation set aside time. In order to speed up the "energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection" technical transformation project, the administrative committee of the park is actively coordinating the Huangzhong county government to solve the problem of the land use of the New South to the main line. At the same time, in order to ensure 100 between aluminum and aluminum liquid Xin River supply work smoothly, in May 6th, the park management committee held a special meeting, the traffic control department to set up coordination Park identification marking, signal lamp in the aluminum liquid special channel, ensure the special aluminum liquid channel is no longer occupied by other vehicles.


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