Huangyuan county cadres in the village set up a bridge

Since the "grassroots cadres" activities carried out in Huangyuan County selected 54 village cadres, the village received masses of deep gas, into every door to the masses, face to face the public opinion, Xintiexin Minyou, Bang Minfu hand in hand, take concrete actions to practice the party’s mass line, set up a close relation between the party and the masses "lianxinqiao".

zero distance contact, face to face public opinion

It is reported that

, the village cadres take the convening of the forum, issuing polls, farms, home of the people, and people talk, chat, chatted work situation, face-to-face communication, listen to the opinions and suggestions of Party members and the masses, a detailed understanding of grassroots party organizations and Party members and the masses think, think and hope. As of now, all kinds of seminars were held more than 70 times, issuing polls more than 2300 copies, collecting all kinds of opinions and suggestions more than and 220, sort out the masses have strong water difficult to prominent problems such as 11. The residency working group for assistance to the township party committee "two committees" general preparatory work before, the incumbent village cadres team in the village cadres ideological status, village reserve cadres to conduct a comprehensive investigation, made clear base, the situation is clear.

"zero distance" into the heart of the people,

in order to enhance the villagers from poverty ability, to help the villagers open up more broad channels of employment, the working group in the village with the actual village, multi-party coordination, has held various training courses 11, training 550 people (times). In Shanghai Heung Village Working Group actively with the county vocational school, implement the masons, plasterers skills training 2, more than 30 villagers to provide employment information, guide the villagers migrant workers 2000 people (Times), is expected to increase the income of 600 thousand yuan; standing wave hang Xiang Gan Gou Cun Working Group actively contact with enterprises the nearest local transfer of labor force in 73. 54 village cadres have the village to go home "Pro poor", "one to one" twinning activities. The working group on the traditional festival to carry out visits, visited a total of five households, the old party, left-behind children the poor college students, families of 200 households, to help them solve practical difficulties 7, do practical work, good 33, sent condolences to Kim 3 yuan. Combined with the rule of law and the rule of law in accordance with the law to create a democratic village, comprehensively promote the comprehensive management of social management, increase the intensity of conflicts and disputes investigation, and effectively enhance the vitality of Party organizations in social management. Up to now, a total of 55 kinds of conflict mediation, the mediation rate of up to 98%.

"zero distance" Bangdai, hand in hand to help people

it is understood that in the help of village cadres to clear up doubts, focus on effective methods, preaching party eighteen, the spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and related policy. Period, a total of 12240 leaflets issued more than 1000 copies of Agricultural Policy Manual issued, Huimin convenience Manual issued by the book of 100. Focus;

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