Huangzhong push forward military enterprises build a model village

in the "military enterprises build a model village" in Huangzhong County, highlighting the integration of project funds, strengthen communication and coordination, mobilize the masses to participate in, to ensure the key work of project quality, strengthen the propaganda and guidance, and promote activities to build effective.

the county adhere to the integration of agriculture related project as a priority among priorities of work, through the village, reporting department, NDRC checks, leading group for approval mode, the integration of rural housing reconstruction, infrastructure, environmental remediation, public service facilities, basic farmland construction and industrial development of the five major categories of 207 projects, integration the funds amounted to 220 million yuan. In the construction of the project, it is difficult to do first, overall construction, the key breakthrough, step by step, so that the basic reconstruction to meet the needs of the masses. With city and county leaders set an example, through special investigations, convened to help build unit discussion exchange, and other relevant departments to coordinate the implementation of effective measures, as of mid July, the implementation of 13 million 580 thousand and 500 yuan to build the capital agreement to help. At the same time, the city actively seek financial support for lushaer town south gate, Chen Village home renovation and arrangements for flood control ditch drinking water project funds 1 million 700 thousand yuan. A 17 county enterprises, for LAN Long Kou Zhen ban Zhong Ying Cun to new rural construction fund 200 thousand yuan.

project village Party members and cadres to build a demonstration village activities as the carrier, take the lead in the construction, take the lead in activities. At the same time, combined to carry out remediation activities to build, weak team, improve grass-roots organizations, selected with the strong "two committees" responsible person, the role of Party organizations into full play. Outstanding play the main role of the masses, to educate and guide the masses to eliminate and so on to thought, self financing, labor. At present, 35 projects of village people raised funds reached 65 million yuan, labor 164 thousand days, equivalent to 8 million 200 thousand yuan of funds.

County Housing Security and Construction Bureau, the office of the building were developed under the guidance of the transformation of the wall material purchase price and engineering construction accounting guidance, the selection of professionals to guide the supervision of Engineering quality. The selection of high prestige, understand the construction of the party members and the masses, as the obligation of quality supervisor. In order to ensure the progress of the project, to build a leading group on the activities of the wall renovation project each process are clear time limit for the project, the formation of the 3 inspection teams to supervise and inspect. At present, 9 village people drink the implementation of the project started, the village 30 village hardening project started, comprehensive coverage of village road hardening, drinking water solution. (author: Su Jianping Li Linchun)

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